About Us

Discount Wheelies is veteran owned and operated. One of our goals when starting this endeavor was to keep the prices low but still offer quality products. As a matter of fact, it was my own search for a pit bike (DB-X18) that lead me to this. I searched local dealers and found the same bike was selling for $1500-$2000 and all they were doing was putting their own name on dirt bikes and selling them for a premium. After scouring the internet for the best deal I could possibly find, reading tons of reviews and picking the best bike for my money without sacrificing quality, I pulled the trigger. I was not disappointed when my dirt bike arrived. For my money I got a very high quality pit bike and saved $1000 dollars. That got me thinking, if the dirt bike dealer down the road can put his own name on his bikes and sell them, why can't I do the same, only way cheaper. Well I may be giving away our secret here but oh well. Our business model is simple. We cut out the local storefront and sell dirt bikes, pit bike, atvs, utvs, scooters and whatever else we can directly to the customer. I'm sure this makes sense to you, we don't have to pay a huge rental fee for a commercial property to sell local. We cut out that middle man cost and ship directly to the customer. Oh and your not paying for us to put Discount Wheelie decals on your product. We're not getting rich here,  we're supporting our own off road habits. 

More About Us

Jim - As a veteran myself I support other veterans and also appreciate the men and women that keep us safe at home. So military, police and fire, we thank you for your service. If you are one of these brave people I would love to hear from you and get your feedback. 


Kara - She's quick witted, brilliant and knows everything there is to know about billing. So needless to say she's a major asset to our operation. In fact, she probably proofread this page. She also has no fear when it comes to riding so from time to time you may see a picture of her eating dirt in our blog section. 


Kare Bear -  She's the lovable mascot of Discount Wheelies with a passion for cheeseburgers. She also has no fear of wheels and tends to not move out of the way of dirt bikes, atvs and cars. Don't worry though, we keep a close eye on her. If you ask her, she would probably love to send you an autographed picture as a thank you for your order.